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Medical Conference Coverage:

ONCrg Conference™ reports are best-in-class CI analyses of major congresses because of ONCrg’s unmatched depth and insight in the cancer area. Our deep understanding of the landscape and the time-tested analytical methodology we align to your interests, uniquely position us to provide elite support before, during and after conferences and form valuable opinions about the implications of new data on your pipeline. More...

Medical Conference Coverage
Competitive Landscape Analysis

Competitive Landscape Analysis

ONCrg Pipeline Strategies™ delivers cutting-edge reports with profiles across the entire competitive landscape, providing valuable analytics by class and treatment subset for new drugs in Phase I/II development and beyond. Our Presentation and Compendium reports are considered best-in-class, not only because they contain a wealth of practical insight but also because each Quarter they are improved for accuracy and value by completely updating them with new data from conferences and other sources. More...

Monthly Surveillance Reports

ONCrg Sentinel™ reports provide comprehensive coverage of rapidly evolving scientific, clinical, and commercial activities. Our experts vigilantly monitor multiple secondary and primary sources to evaluate clinical trials, product developments, company activities, and regulatory news and deliver monthly reports with unparalleled insight and CI value. More...

Monthly Surveillance Reports
Brooke Blackwelder
Global Head, Client Services

Expert Advisory Guidance

ONCrg Advisory™ is an open door for client’s to ask non-proprietary questions in this area. Our experts utilize their comprehensive suite of CI resources and experience to provide extra guidance to complete your projects and inform key decisions. More...

Full Support Package

ONCrg’s medical conference coverage, competitive landscape research, monthly surveillance, and ad hoc analysis are combined for unmatched, year-round expert CI support.

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    Regina Cheung, Ph.D.
    Therapy Area Director, Oncology

    Regina received her Ph.D. in Immunology from Stanford University. There she helped develop novel technologies used in her research, which focused on transcriptional, proteomic, and functional analyses of cytokine secreting plasmacytoid dendritic cells. In addition to strong research, writing and presentation skills, Regina brings a data-driven technical approach to problem solving gained from her undergrad degree at Caltech and masters’ degree from MIT, both in mechanical engineering.

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    Brooke Blackwelder
    Associate Manager, Global Head, Client Services and New Business

    Brooke received her BS in Sociology from Northern Arizona University. Brooke’s 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur including 15 years as a professional cyclist/coach have given her an armament of customer service skills with a goal oriented mindset. Her strong interpersonal skills, business acumen, and forward thinking strategy help her to manage the needs of our clients, ensuring they receive maximum value from their investment. Along with providing guidance to BPrg's Client Services team, she also leads the ONCrg IO business efforts.

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