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Because each ONCrg Pipeline Strategies cancer area report is carefully built, product by product, trial by trial, by a dedicated CI expert in an exhaustive analysis of scientific, clinical and commercial factors, we elevate your vantage point over the treatment landscape for an unparalleled view of competition and opportunities in your drug market of interest.

Our Presentation and Compendium reports are considered best-in-class, not only because they contain a wealth of practical insight but also because they are updated quarterly with new data from conferences, our sentinel surveillance, and other sources.

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ONCrg Pipeline Strategies
reports provide comprehensive, cancer specific analyses of treatment landscapes for drugs in Ph II development through registration. These resources include a presentation style PPT deck and a detailed PDF compendium which are refreshed quarterly to retain their accuracy and relevance.
Treatment Landscapes:
Each cancer area is described by the framework that best fits the specific cancer market, whether that is by patient subtype, molecular biomarkers, treatment stage and drug class and include visual analytics such as treatment algorithms, benchmarks, registrational trials, and key clinical criteria and guidelines to provide a big picture orientation of how new products may fit into the market landscape.
Product Profiles:
In each cancer area, products in Ph II development through registration are evaluated by class and subclass, and summary slides are provided for each agent including clinical status by region, commercial rights, MOA/ROA, likely scenarios of use (patient subsets), SWOT analysis, milestones (upcoming and last) and clinical trial timelines.
These cancer area reports take Product Profiles one step further by providing a comprehensive analysis and history of a drug's development and the details of clinical trials completed and in progress, including trial results when available. *Compendium not offered for IO and MOA areas.
On a quarterly basis, ONCrg Pipeline Strategies reports are updated with relevant scientific, clinical and commercial developments. ONCrg disease area experts vigilantly monitor multiple secondary and primary sources including peer-reviewed literature, conference news, SEC filings, press releases, and electronic databases such as Adis R&D Insight, ClinicalTrials.gov.

Oncology Coverage

Our best-in-class competitive intelligence coverage serves commercial, medical and scientific teams worldwide.
Solid Tumors
GI - Gastrointestinal GU - Genitourinary Breast / Gyn Lung Other
Colorectal Bladder Breast NSCLC Gliomas
Esophageal Prostate Endometrial SCLC HNSCC
Gastric RCC Ovarian   Melanoma
HCC       STS
Hematologic Malignancies
Late Stage IO Cell Therapies AML MM NHL
  DDR CLL    
Our best-in-class competitive intelligence coverage serves commercial, medical and scientific teams worldwide.
Solid Tumors
GI - Gastrointestinal
Colorectal Esophageal Gastric HCC Pancreatic  
GU - Genitourinary
Bladder Prostate RCC  
Breast / Gyn
Breast Endometrial Ovarian  
Gliomas HNSCC Melanoma STS  
IO Emerging IO Late Stage  
ADC Cell Therapies DDR  
Hematologic Malignancies
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