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Because of our deep understanding of what’s happening in competitive landscapes below the waterline, we can provide unparalleled insights to alert clients about the impact of new data released at congresses on their asset(s).

ONCrg’s difference comes from using a highly skilled CI team of Ph.D. level analysts who already have extensive experience in the cancer areas they cover at medical congresses. This elite team aligns our time-tested methodology to clients’ needs to create the winning formula behind our ONCrg Conference best-in-class reports.

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reports are comprehensive expert analyses of the most potentially clinically-significant or information that is new in our areas of cancer coverage including: new clinical or preclinical data on key pipeline products, novel applications of approved products and evolving changes to treatment paradigms.
A few weeks prior to each conference, our experts carefully examine all abstracts to identify presentations and posters most likely to relay new data with the potential to impact the marketplace. Clients are then invited to review our coverage plans, recommend additions, and indicate priorities for their organizations.
We assure a client’s interests are being covered while at the conference by not only attending oral presentations and poster sessions, but also actively seeking out key scientific, clinical, and industry experts.
With a cutting-edge understanding of competitive landscapes, we rigorously sift through presented data, comparing information against past work to deliver incisive slide decks to clients rather than a lengthy collection of everything that was presented or rehash of old data. Following a conference we deliver an executive-style PowerPoint report in a timely manner along with a private presentation to your company of our final report so clients can connect with our experts and delve more deeply into topics of heightened interest.

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